Tapping New Business Opportunities With Android Apps

Mobile applications find exposure to a large number of users making it cost-efficient for businesses. Dynamic Android applications add a new dimension to business operations becoming the medium of sales, client service or business promotion.

Mobile phones are now much more than just the communication devices. They have become the platform for businesses to reach their customers and expand their footprint. Businesses have been quick to recognise the opportunity. More and more businesses have been getting mobile specific applications developed to make it big. Android has emerged as a popular operating system, thanks to the advantages it offers.

Android enables a business to reach the optimum number of clients. Designed by Google, it has overtaken Symbian and Windows mobile in terms of number of users. Google has kept Android open for all allowing all and sundry programmers to develop applications,.

Android applications are based on Java programming language which has the inherent capacity of implementing complex business ideas. Moreover, these applications find exposure to a large number of users making it cost-efficient for businesses. Developing business apps on other platforms would not enable access to such a large market as compared to android marketplace. You can choose from the low end phones from HTC like Tattoo, the high end Nexus S, to umpteen models of Samsung and LG. Android is also being used in leading tablets like the Samsung Galaxy tab and several Chinese non branded tablets. It takes the business beyond the mobile world.

Costs of developing Android applications are comparatively lower than the expenses incurred on developing the apps for other platforms. This ‘low cost more users’ advantage has prompted more and more businesses to hire developers for creating dynamic Android applications and add a new dimension to their operations. These apps can become the medium of sales, client service or business promotion. There are games, productivity apps, health apps, financial apps, fun and entertainment stuff etc., extending ac market the functionality of Android devices.

Android operating system is perfectly compatible with inter-application Integration, making it ideal for businesses looking for cross-promotion of a set of its applications. With Android facilitating the creation of a network between the applications, it results in comfortable experience for the final user of the applications.

Android is a Linux based operating system, providing the developers ample ground to play on. They can root it, implement ideas with outstanding accuracy and enjoy a plethora of advanced features like converting your phone to a wireless hotspot. Its flexibility makes it fit for use across devices from mobile phones to tablets. It can even be installed on a PC or run from a USB device.

Last but not the least, Android is cool. Android users swear by its advantages pronouncing that it is distinctly ahead. They find using Android a wonderful experience, something they just won’t find on other platforms. Having an Android powered smartphone is like having a PC in your pockets.

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