Cheap Engagement Rings Don’t Have to Be Tacky!

Cheap engagement rings are easy to find and even easy to design yourself. Many would be surprised to know that designing your own ring can actually cost you less than buying a preset ring. The secrets to shopping for affordable rings are actually fairly straightforward once you know a little but about the ring making process. Read on to gather important information that will help you succeed in finding and designing the perfect ring!

The first thing one should do when looking for affordable engagement rings, is to check out the wholesale diamonds and gems available. Buying wholesale gems usually costs buyers less and also allows the consumer to individually inspect all angles of the gem; a luxury usually not afforded to those who buy preset rings. Once you have chosen your gem(s) you can bring them to any retailer who wholesale ring will help you design a ring around your diamond.

Second, it is usually a smart idea to buy a diamond or diamonds that are less than a carat in weight; even choosing a.8 over a 1.0 carat diamond can drastically decrease the price of the gem. Another way to cut costs is to choose rubies, sapphires, or emeralds over traditional diamonds for your ring.

Next, you must decide on the type of ring setting you would like to mount your diamond(s) onto. There are several ring settings to choose from including: prong, channel, bezel, tension, and pave. For cheap rings using loose diamonds or smaller gems it is recommended to use a channel, pave, or bezel setting. These settings will showcase the gem(s) brilliantly and won’t cost you as much.

The last thing one must consider when designing cheap engagement rings, is to choose which type of metal your ring band will be made out of. Gold, platinum, and titanium are often used. Platinum is the most expensive and the most durable. When looking for affordable rings, one should opt for the white gold; which looks very similar to and is less expensive than platinum.

Designing cheap engagement rings is easy if you know these simple tricks. Buying wholesale diamonds, or potentially other less expensive diamonds, will drive down the cost of your ring. Choosing carat eight and gem shape carefully can also lead to a reduction in cost. Lastly, Consumers must also choose the ring setting and metal carefully, do this and designing an affordable engagement ring will be easy.

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